Cold Season

Foto de Emira para Resim & Fotoğraf.

I am cold.

I am cold and it is like–
I will never warm up.
My Darling, Darling Beloved!
How old was that wine?

Don't you see?
We live in the age of drowning time,
and the sharks are biting-–
into my arms.

So why, why?
Why do you still keep me–
beneath this nameless freeze–
of the seas?


I am cold.
I am cold and I hate–
these pearl earrings!

I am cold and I know:
From all the illusions of a tulip,
only a few drops of blood will last.

a few drop of blood–
will last, last!

Forough Farrokhzad (Selected from The Cold Season, 1967)

(Trans.: MD, March 2006, Montréal)

Por: Persian Poetry in English